The vision of YWAM Oak Grove is to partner with God and His people to bring healing and freedom, renewal and restoration to the people of Derry/Londonderry, its communities, and beyond. We desire to see this be a place that displays the splendour of God.


This “oak grove” was established as a place of worship when St. Columba established his first monastery here in the 6th century. The city eventually built up around that, and despite the devastation that has come at times throughout the centuries, God’s plans for the city

and its people have not been lost. Restoration, healing, freedom, and favour are coming to this place, and we want to be part of it! We are here with a heart for BUILDING HOPE that impacts this city, the nation, and the ends of the earth!


BUILDING HOPE is a phrase that represents the core values of YWAM Oak Grove.

  • Beauty

    We desire to recognize, appreciate, create and celebrate beauty, using creativity and the arts to honour the Creator and point others to Him.

  • Unity

    We strive to live in and promote unity among the people of this city, and in particular between the various expressions of the Body of Christ here.

  • Identity

    By helping people discover their identity as beloved children of God, we believe they will learn to see others in that light and also be enabled to embrace the life and purpose God has for them.

  • Life

    We want to speak life and hope over this city where far too many people have lost their battles with depression.

  • Discipleship

    We desire to walk alongside people to see them become passionate followers of Jesus, who walk with Him and bring others along.

  • Interdependence

    Our heart is to work in partnership with churches, individuals and other ministries - not to start our own separate projects, but to serve what God is doing here and find our place within that.

  • Nations

    There is a heritage of missions from this place, and we want to be part of seeing more people go from here to the nations.

  • Grace

    We long to see this city become a place where people walk in grace, compassion and forgiveness toward one another.

  • Healing

    Many wounds have been inflicted here over the centuries, communities have been fractured and relationships broken. God’s desire is for healing, and we believe He wants to begin a process of healing

    individual hearts, relationships and communities here that will be an example of healing for others.

  • Original Design

    God has established this city with a purpose, and we long to partner with Him in seeing it fulfill that purpose – as a place of worship, a place where people find belonging, and a place of spreading the good news of God’s Kingdom come.

  • Promise

    We recognize that God has spoken promises over this land, its communities and people, and we choose to live in expectancy for His fulfillment and watch for ways we can partner with Him in that.

  • Expansion

    We don’t despise the day of small beginnings and believe that God wants to take the seemingly small things we do daily and use them to expand worldviews, ministries and His Kingdom here in the region, country, and even into the nations.